Workplace Mindfulness Training


Professional Development

Transforming your workplace environment through the education and implementation of mindful leadership skills.

A Lasting Journey

Mindfulness training is scientifically proven to improve attention, creativity, focus and emotional intelligence.

Mindful Leadership Strategies offers a variety of learning opportunities from fundamentals of mindfulness to in-depth strategies that will transform your workplace culture.

We also offer an ongoing support network that includes access to on-line mindfulness practice sessions and consultation services that will help your organization create lasting growth and change.

We offer a variety of training and support to help your company create and maintain a mindful workplace.


at Work

We offer 3 levels of training to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Online Mindfulness Practice

Weekly 20 minute lunchtime mindfulness practice session.

Available to any employee who completes a half or full day trainings.


We offer both the online practice group and consulting services after having completed one of the In-House Trainings.

Mindful Leadership Benefits and Resources

Effective Leadership

Empower & Inspire

Team Performance

Communicate & Collaborate

Increased Productivity

The Power of Focus



"I have attended one of Mary Lou and Nancy's workshops and was super impressed, I am excited to attend another.

The self awareness discussion was the most helpful."


Director, Admissions & Outreach

"I found the brain discussion most helpful.

Specifically, how to re-engage the thinking part of the brain"


Business Owner

"Mary Lou is a gentle soul who has insight and guidance that simplifies the complexity of living a mindful life.

Dropping down from my head to my heart enhanced my flow and calmed who I am."


Women's Leadership Workshop