About Us

Mindful Leadership Strategies

We are Psychotherapists, outdoor enthusiasts and mindfulness practitioners who have experienced the life-changing benefits of mindfulness practices in our work, personal and social lives.

We have seen how mindfulness changes the lives of the people we work with. We want to share the benefits of self-awareness, focus, peace of mind and emotional intelligence with the leaders of the world.

Bringing mindfulness into your organization offers solutions to everyday challenges in all aspects and at all levels of your company.

Our Founders

Mary Lou Jelinek, LMHC

President and Co-founder

Mary Lou received her Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts and her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Lesley University. She also holds certifications as a  trauma counselor, mindfulness psychotherapist, and children's yoga instructor. Mary Lou's interest in mindfulness practices began in graduate school where she specialized in holistic psychology. She has worked as a career counselor, a professional development coordinator and for the last 13 years has maintained a busy private practice in Andover, MA. From the earliest days of her career, working with inner city youth and refugees in Bosnia, to more recently working with career professionals in her practice, she has seen how mindfulness improves the quality of people's lives. She has also been practicing mindfulness in her own life for 18 years. Having noticed how mindfulness significantly improved hers and other's  overall satisfaction with life, has led to a great passion to share her years of study and practice with the leaders of today.  

Nancy Phillips, LICSW

Vice President and Co-founder

Nancy grew up outside of Burlington, VT. She studied Corporate Communications at Ithaca College, then went on for her Masters degree in Social Work from Boston College. She has practiced social work in many settings, and for the past seven years, in private practice in Andover, MA. In her practice, there has been a growing theme of adults struggling to manage the demands of their busy lives with high pressure careers, aging parents, busy children and the stress that goes with all of it.  She decided to continue her education by attending several workshops focussed on using mindfulness in her practice and it has been very successful.  Her clients report reduced stress, better regulation of emotions, and feeling more present and happier in everyday life.  She has joined Mary Lou in this endeavor to bring mindfulness to corporations to better their leadership and bring out the full potential in employees.  



"I have attended one of Mary Lou and Nancy's workshops and was super impressed, I am excited to attend another.

The self awareness discussion was the most helpful."


Director, Admissions & Outreach

"I found the brain discussion most helpful.

Specifically, how to re-engage the thinking part of the brain"


Business Owner

"Mary Lou is a gentle soul who has insight and guidance that simplifies the complexity of living a mindful life.

Dropping down from my head to my heart enhanced my flow and calmed who I am."


Women's Leadership Workshop