Professional Development Coaching


Corporate Mindfulness Training

Transforming your workplace environment through education by implementing mindful leadership skills.

A Lasting Journey

Mindful leadership strategies offers a variety of learning opportunities from Fundamentals of Mindfulness to in-depth strategies that will transform your workplace culture. We also offer on-line mindfulness practice to support continued change and growth.

We offer a variety of training and support to help your company create and maintain a mindful workplace.

Corporate Training

We will come to your organization.

We offer half or full day group training sessions.

Online Mindfulness Practice

Weekly 20 minute lunchtime mindfulness practice session.

Available to any employee who completes a half or full day trainings.


We offer both the online practice group and consulting services after having completed one of the In-House Trainings.

Mindful Leadership Benefits and Resources

Effective Leadership

Empower & Inspire

Team Performance

Communicate & Collaborate

Increased Productivity

The Power of Focus


What People Say

“I have attended one of Mary Lou and Nancy’s workshops and was super impressed, I am excited to attend another. The self awareness discussion was the most helpful.”

Anonymous Testimonial

Mindfulness Workshop Attendee